Enhancing Platform for a Retail Lending Company

Our client is a global company operating in retail finance that provides a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platform. This platform allows buyers to split their payment over several months while the vendor receives full payment immediately.


Banking and Finance

Enhancing Platform for a Retail Lending Company

Business Challenges


Enhance customer experience

The client needed consumer finance to be transparent and the application more available and fast. The large technical debt limited the ability to scale quickly; moreover, the platform could not handle an increasing number of customers.


Expanding to new markets across Europe

As the company had proven product market fit in its home market, it focused on expanding abroad. However, conquering the foreign market was challenging for the company due to its legacy IT infrastructure.


Increase the number of partners

Increasing the client’s collaboration with international merchants required tech-savvy solutions.

Our Approach

Technical debt

At the beginning of our collaboration, we provided an audit, created a technical debt list, and addressed prioritized issues. During the second phase, we focused on improving the application design for gathering statistics and data aggregation.

Transaction management

We implemented precise transaction management and established a properly configured connection pool to prevent issues such as deadlocks and data corruption. This involved implementing transaction and rollback actions, enabling us to effectively manage queries and mitigate potential problems caused by a high volume of requests.

Statistics data load time optimization

To improve loading time, we optimize SQL queries by extracting the necessary data for each page. Our software developers transferred several aggregation operations to the database level while abandoning static page loading in favor of dynamic loading. These steps enabled us to significantly reduce the page load time from 30 seconds to less than 1 second.

Precise calculation

To deliver greater accuracy for the cash transactions, we reused industry-proven libraries that provided more accurate calculations. Our developers have implemented robust error handling to ensure that in case of system issues, no money will be sent anywhere.

Business Value

  • The number of regions has increased to nine countries across Europe
  • The total number of partners as of 2023 reached more than 1,000
  • Reduced operational costs by 27% due to faster response time and resolved critical issues

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