Our Mission

The Sombra team is committed to doing what it loves in the best interests of the company, its clients, and Ukraine. We are focused on growing Sombra bigger and better to keep high performance and business results despite the tumulous times of war.


Leadership Team

I'm inspired by the company's growth, which I'm able to stimulate. It guarantees our progress! I am happy to be surrounded by like-minded people who love what they do and never stop searching for opportunities for self-improvement.

Viktor Chekh

Chief Executive Officer

Even as the company grows, we still manage to bring together people with the same professional aspirations and life priorities. I believe that this is what makes us truly successful!

Yurii Nakonechnyi

Chief Technical Officer

The company's top management is actually a carrier of the culture and values that they not only declare, but actually put into practice every day, and this sets a good example for the entire Sombra team.

Oleh Kozak

Chief Operating Officer

For me, Sombra represents a space of constant movement and development, full of ambitious people always up for a challenge.

Iryna Dovhanyk

Chief Financial Officer

Sombra Values

labelSelf-developmentlabelDriving changeslabelProactivitylabelOpen and honest relationshiplabelMaking our customers happy
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Feel the unique Inner Space at Sombra

We define the Sombra culture code as a guarantee of our success and distinctive identity in the global market. Our values influence our everyday decisions, such as hiring new candidates, strategy prioritization, mundane work processes, and our day-to-day work approach.

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Act for the growth

We act for the success of our clients, Sombra, and Ukraine.

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React to the global trends.

We react and adjust to the challenges of our time as well as provide help where needed.


Stick to your own people

Our colleagues appreciate the company's space, as the space of "their people." We have chosen value-oriented recruitment as a key to preserving and developing our unique corporate culture.


Express your individuality! 

Various social initiatives launched by our employees motivate our colleagues to develop hard and soft skills and broaden their horizons.


Be in the epicenter of the company’s life

We practice open and equal communication on all levels.

Our Community Projects

We prioritize sharing our corporate culture through different initiatives.

Sombra for Ukraine

Sombra for Ukraine initiative was created to contribute to the success of science and technology education in Ukraine. One of our duties is to stimulate the Ukrainian economy today, during the most challenging days, and in the future, after our victory. So we help local communities, and organize donations to support our army and humanitarian aid efforts.

for Ukraine

Sombra Around Tech

Sombra Around Tech aids in sharing expertise in various fields inside and outside of the company.

Around Tech

Sombra University

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Chris Garbacz

Co-founder, StudioNinja

The solution launched to user praise and minimal bugs. Sombra has adapted to technical challenges and limited resources throughout the partnership. Consistent communication, flexibility, and a willingness to incorporate feedback have enabled a seamlessly integrated workflow. Our relationship has run smoothly since the beginning.

Martin Weber

CTO, Fooring Company

This is the best offshoring experience I’ve had in my 25 years of doing this. Sombra is very productive. We’re cranking things out with very little rework needed. We have speed and quality, which is important because the system is live, so if we make a change, it has an immediate effect on our customer base.

Sloan Ginn

Former Director of Product

Sombra successfully delivered a smooth-functioning product in the time that the client needed. Their developers were competent and receptive to feedback; the team lead, in particular, proved to have great expertise. They were accommodating of large and abrupt changes, making them a reliable partner.

Jack Crews

CTO, Legal Monkeys

Sombra keeps everything simple and prioritizes getting the work done. One thing that I was pleased with was that Sombra was able to adapt to and learn our approach to software development. They adopted our best practices and were productive within that development methodology. Overall, the quality of their work is above average.