Application Development Outsourcing: Benefits, Risks, and Cost

By Yana Troianska

17 min to read


What are the main destinations for application development outsourcing?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective location to outsource mobile app development, Latin America and Eastern and Central Europe remain two locations with an optimal quality-price ratio. Software outsourcing in Colombia or Ukraine will cost you $25-49 per hour, while US-based companies typically charge $100-149 per hour.

How to start capitalizing on your software faster?

Mobile development outsourcing can help you speed up time-to-market for your product. When you outsource software development, you essentially hire outsourced developers already proficient in the tech stack. You don’t have to invest time in recruitment and training, and you can quickly scale your team up and down.

Outsourcing app development also means turning to a company that already streamlined processes with automation, DevOps practices, and project accelerators.

What are the three types of outsourcing mobile app development?

Three types of app outsourcing are:
Onshore development, i.e. hiring an application development company within the same country (e.g., a Boston company for a client based in Los Angeles)
Nearshore development, i.e. turning to development companies within three time zones from your location (e.g., Colombia-based application development companies for US clients)
Offshore development, i.e. choosing to hire an app development vendor more than three time zones away (e.g., a Ukraine-based company for US clients)

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Chris Garbacz

Co-founder, StudioNinja

The solution launched to user praise and minimal bugs. Sombra has adapted to technical challenges and limited resources throughout the partnership. Consistent communication, flexibility, and a willingness to incorporate feedback have enabled a seamlessly integrated workflow. Our relationship has run smoothly since the beginning.

Martin Weber

CTO, Fooring Company

This is the best offshoring experience I’ve had in my 25 years of doing this. Sombra is very productive. We’re cranking things out with very little rework needed. We have speed and quality, which is important because the system is live, so if we make a change, it has an immediate effect on our customer base.

Sloan Ginn

Former Director of Product

Sombra successfully delivered a smooth-functioning product in the time that the client needed. Their developers were competent and receptive to feedback; the team lead, in particular, proved to have great expertise. They were accommodating of large and abrupt changes, making them a reliable partner.

Jack Crews

CTO, Legal Monkeys

Sombra keeps everything simple and prioritizes getting the work done. One thing that I was pleased with was that Sombra was able to adapt to and learn our approach to software development. They adopted our best practices and were productive within that development methodology. Overall, the quality of their work is above average.