HR Director

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced individual to lead our HR department. In this role, you will oversee HR, L&D, and Branding teams, collaborating closely with the COO and Head of Talent Acquisition. We are looking for someone ambitious and professional who can drive our HR initiatives forward and contribute to the overall success of our organization.


  • Business Acumen:
    • Deep understanding of business operations, financial metrics, industry trends, and market dynamics.
    • Ability to contribute to strategic decision-making and demonstrate HR’s value to the organization.
  • Change Management:
    • Proficiency in managing organizational change initiatives, such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, or cultural transformations.
    • Experience in guiding employees through transitions and ensuring smooth implementation of change processes.
  • Talent Management and Development:
    • Experience in overseeing talent acquisition, succession planning, performance management, and employee development programs.
    • Ability to ensure the organization has the right people in the right roles to achieve its objectives.
  • HR Technology and Analytics:
    • Proficiency in leveraging HR technology solutions and data analytics.
    • Ability to optimize HR processes, make data-driven decisions and provide insights into workforce trends and performance metrics.


  1. Market Data Analysis and Improvement:
    • Understand market data regarding turnover and eNPS.
    • Develop strategies to improve these metrics to enhance our competitive advantage.
    • Present findings and improvements to customers.
  2. Leadership Development and Succession Planning:
    • Measure the effectiveness of leadership development programs.
    • Identify high-potential employees.
    • Ensure the availability of talent pipelines for critical roles.
    • Drive succession planning initiatives.
  3. Training and Development Metrics:
    • Proactively propose Learning and Development programs aligned with company values and strategies.
    • Track the impact of these programs on achieving company goals.
    • Focus Learning and Development initiatives on enhancing services to clients.
  4. Culture Management:
    • Identify and understand changes in company culture.
    • Facilitate communication about cultural changes within the organization.
    • Integrate company culture into company processes.
  5. HR Branding:
    • Propose ways to measure Sombra’s reputation as a desirable place to work for IT specialists.
    • Assist in internal and external communication efforts to enhance the company’s brand.
  6. Legal Compliance:
    • Understand labor laws in operating markets (Ukraine, US, Canada, Colombia).
    • Provide support to other departments regarding labor law compliance.

What we offer:

  • Annual paid vacation of 18 working days.
  • Extra vacation days for long-lasting cooperation.
  • Annual paid illness of 10 days.
  • Maternity\Paternity leave.
  • The opportunity for sabbatical leave.
  • Marriage and Parenthood Package.
  • Compensation for sports activities (up to 6000 UAH\year).
  • 50 % cost compensation for attending self-development courses.
  • Corporate doctor.
  • Internal education(corporate library, Udemy courses).
  • Career development opportunities.
  • English and Spanish classes.
  • Paying taxes and conducting private entrepreneurs.
  • Technical equipment: laptop, mouse, keyboard, monitor.
  • Internal Referral program.
  • Opportunity to take part in company volunteering activities.

Inna Shulhina


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