Back End Development for Online Platform Connecting Brands and Creators

The H Hub is a platform that allows Instagram influencers (people that have a big amount of followers) gather in one place. We provided the tools necessary to unite users in groups, chat, exchange bits of advice, grow the number of their followers, check their statistics and communicate in different ways. The platform enables not only to create a strong network but also to initiate business ties.


Back End Development for Online Platform Connecting Brands and Creators

Business Value


We were engaged to help with building three modules for the platform. Our team of highly experienced Java engineers worked on Collaborate module, Crit corner, and Internal currency. 

One of the most significant assets of the system is that it gives creators (Instagram influencers/photographers/models) tools to connect with other passionate creators. For example, if you are a photographer or videographer, or makeup artist you can find a model for your photoshoot or workshop in a matter of seconds. What is more, the search allows filtering candidates with desirable characteristics according to their popularity on Instagram.

Also, members of the platform can create public/private events or photoshoots and invite other creators to attend them. The same works in the opposite direction: members can search for the events they would like to attend.

Another feature is the possibility to give and receive feedback from other influencers about the photos one posts. The feedback presupposes evaluation of the color, composition, and subject of the photo. The platform also allows exchanging messages.  

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