Case Study: Custom Software Development for an American Flooring Company to Go Paperless

Our customer is a flooring specialist committed to providing an exceptional shopping journey. They cater to people looking to enhance or revamp their homes. This company has been acknowledged as one of the rapidly expanding private enterprises in the USA. Their focus is on providing robust flooring options that can endure the demands of everyday life, ensuring a lasting fix.


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Case Study: Custom Software Development for an American Flooring Company to Go Paperless

Business Challenges


Save costs

Manual data entry by the staff was bloating the budget of their ERP. Basically, people were converting hand-writing into digital data manually, which led to mistakes that resulted in additional costs.


Business process automation

The client wanted to go paperless, reduce overhead costs, get rid of heavy Excel price calculations, and enhance payment processing via Square integration.

Our Approach

Enterprise resource planning system

For ERP, Sombra created a team of 4 full-stack developers. The team inherited software written in Java from the previous vendor. The system is closely integrated with accounting, CRM, and other third-party systems.
We worked on:

  • Implementation of new features according to business processes.
  • Feature change according to business processes.
  • Running software production support.
  • Modernization of inherited technology stack with up-to-date solutions.

iOS applications

The client wanted to build 2 iOS apps to address business process automation and improved customer experience.

The team worked with Swift programming language due to the client’s requirement to build apps exclusively for iPads.

For the mobile apps, the team followed the steps below:

  • a detailed discovery,
  • defining the apps’ functional and non-functional requirements,
  • learning, analyzing, and building business user flow (in the form of a diagram), to make sure that the app covers each step that can be automated and that there are no gaps,
  • analyzing and describing the connections the app should’ve had with other apps, services, and the data they should exchange,
  • defined what should be in and out of scope for the MVP version of the app.

The BA specialist worked closely with the UI/UX designer to create prototypes based on business requirements. The development team reviewed the designs and made necessary technical corrections.

The business analyst also played a pivotal role in helping streamline the process and ensure everything was on track.


To ensure Sombra’s team was on the same page with the stakeholders, we set up regular sync calls.
Typically, during the week we’d have:

  • 2 sync meetings with the dev team and the client’s CTO
  • 2-3 meetings including BA, stakeholders, the client’s CTO and optionally Sombra’s dev team. BA created a requirement approval flow that required stakeholders to approve each requirement.

Business Value

Our client achieved their initial goals and met their business needs by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and speeding up business processes.

  • Modernization of the client’s ERP system helped our client improve business efficiency and streamline data management, leading to better decision-making and enhanced business performance.
  • We’ve successfully delivered both iOS applications.
  • Our client achieved a remarkable reduction in business operation costs.

As of now, we continue to work on app improvement and add functionality important for the business. Our business analyst guides the business in improving processes, products, services, and software through data analysis.

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