CRM for Energy Audit Company

Envision is a CRM that provides users with energy audits of different places. The system allows the calculation of the current energy consumption and provides simplified energy solutions to reduce energy costs.

We set a goal to deliver a product that is understandable and seamless in terms of functionality. Also, our team should preserve the density and complexity of the data and provide an adequate level of security.

This project was easy and understandable for our team as we already had an experience with CRM development. Although, we were challenged with the task of generating PDF files from predefined templates using custom fonts.

CRM for Energy Audit Company

Business Value

The system is designed to conduct an audit of every resource, but our team contributed only to energy module. This section enables a user to fill out a form with various inputs relating to existing equipment:

• type and quantity of bulbs

• input Watts

• operating hours

• fixture type

The system performs energy audit based on entered data and provides the user with a full report. The report can be downloaded in the PDF format. Additionally, the system offers energy conservation tips, displays charts of energy usage.

This section allows users to perform energy efficiency audits through a step-by-step form by entering inventory information, selecting proposed upgrades and ultimately auto-generating proposals.

Top three features are:

• conducting the audits

• generating PDF files

• displaying statistics and charts

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Chris Garbacz

Co-founder, StudioNinja

The solution launched to user praise and minimal bugs. Sombra has adapted to technical challenges and limited resources throughout the partnership. Consistent communication, flexibility, and a willingness to incorporate feedback have enabled a seamlessly integrated workflow. Our relationship has run smoothly since the beginning.

Martin Weber

CTO, Fooring Company

This is the best offshoring experience I’ve had in my 25 years of doing this. Sombra is very productive. We’re cranking things out with very little rework needed. We have speed and quality, which is important because the system is live, so if we make a change, it has an immediate effect on our customer base.

Sloan Ginn

Former Director of Product

Sombra successfully delivered a smooth-functioning product in the time that the client needed. Their developers were competent and receptive to feedback; the team lead, in particular, proved to have great expertise. They were accommodating of large and abrupt changes, making them a reliable partner.

Jack Crews

CTO, Legal Monkeys

Sombra keeps everything simple and prioritizes getting the work done. One thing that I was pleased with was that Sombra was able to adapt to and learn our approach to software development. They adopted our best practices and were productive within that development methodology. Overall, the quality of their work is above average.