CRM for the Mechanical Service Contractors

SharkByte is a CRM that streamlines sales processes for mechanical service contractors. Our client, Perfectware Solutions, is a leading provider of service management and sales tracking software for the Mechanical Service Industry. The company was seeking a team to develop a CRM with multi-tenant elements. It was important to the client to hire a vendor with successful experience in the CRM building. Since Sombra had an apposite case developing multi-tenant software, the client chose us among other candidates.

CRM for the Mechanical Service Contractors

Business Challenges


Hiring a team to develop a CRM with multi-tenant elements

Business Value


The issue with multi-tenancy was resolved through Hibernate using its default implementation for this purpose. The structure for database behavior is the following:  a master database managed by JDBC template and a tenant database managed by Spring Data JPA. The Master database holds the main information about the tenant and user credentials. The tenant database contains info about the company, customers, users, opportunities, and other crucial entities.

The outcome of the project is a robust CRM designed to guide contractors through the sales process. It has enhanced visibility over the activities of the sales team, supplying users with the most current tools and options. a mobile surveying, service contract and project estimating, proposal generation. The project contains tools like mobile surveying tool, project estimating, proposal generation, which streamline the sales process.

The crucial factor for us was to deliver a custom solution that meets all the contractors’ needs by mapping and optimizing complex processes. The client wanted the software to stand out among available options that were not fulfilling industry requirements. There were either add-ons to service management software or packages customizing other commercial CRMs. So, we created software encompassing essential features:

  1. Customer and sales tracking
  2. Contract and project estimating
  3. Electronic proposal generation

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