Mobile Application Measuring Skin Temperature & Skin Conductance with Smartphone

eSense app enables one to measure current Skin Temperature and Galvanic Skin Response with the microphone input of a smartphone or tablet. After all measurements, the user can start the meditation session. During the session, he/she can follow the body’s response to images, music, video, color change. We offered custom mobile app development with application cross-platform technologies like Ionic and PhoneGap.

Mobile Application Measuring Skin Temperature & Skin Conductance with Smartphone

Business Value

In order to deal with data storage, we had to work with the database. As pouchDB showed poor performance for large volumes of storage, therefore we were forced to switch to SQLite

To deliver quality graphic creating and displaying our developer created a proper algorithm. The algorithm enabled data compression and smoothing of the graph.

We did our best to create an intuitive interface that seamlessly blends the three key user functions into one application.

Skin response module: The module is where the galvanic skin response is displayed. Our skin responds to external factors, such as stress, by the sweat provided. Application modulates the amount of sweat secretion of the skin and measures in microsiemens. In this way, one can measure the level of stress and observe how his/her body reacts to different stimuli.
Temperature module: The module is where the body temperature measurements are displayed. You can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. Besides, the program will show you Max. and Min. values for every measurement session. Also, users can view statistics of previous measurements, they all are recorded and saved in the personal account.
Both modules allow running the meditation session, which consists of different parts, from listening to music to color change. During the session, the user can observe how the temperature of the body and skin conductance respond to various stages of meditation.

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