30% SLA Increase for a Leading Logistics Provider in the USA

Wineshipping is a tech-enabled leading third-party logistics provider for alcoholic beverage companies in the USA. In 1998, the company started in the California garage of one of its founders. Now, it is the #1 direct-to-customer logistics partner for alcohol brands in the United States.


Wineshipping winery clients invest a great deal of time and energy into differentiating their products and providing a premium experience for their consumers. That experience must include delivery, which Wineshipping is responsible for. To provide its differentiated customer service, Wineshipping needs “fantastic, modern, and well-designed software.”





30% SLA Increase for a Leading Logistics Provider in the USA

Business Challenges


Enhance customer experience

Wineshipping used an old technology-based management portal, which service level agreement was 70%.


Boost operational visibility

Due to a lack of visibility and modern management tools, client orders were missing and needed accuracy. To correct errors, around 50 people worked in the support department.


Follow a strict deadline

The technology solution for the client must be released before October 2022. Wineshipping’s performance was critical during the critical months of OND (October, November, and December), which drove most sales.

Our Approach

High-level architecture

We rewrote the logic of the existing portal to work on the new cloud platform while also providing a new functional and attractive interface. Sombra’s .NET architect presented a top-level architecture that aims to achieve the objectives of Wineshipping:

  • Build a modern solution on top of the existing system.
  • Benefit from the public cloud by using SaaS services from Azure.
  • Achieve performance, resilience, availability, stability, and feasibility benchmarks using cloud-native mechanisms.
  • As the core of the solution, Kubernetes allows the deployment of multiple solutions based on new business logic needs in the future.
  • Get an available, secure, and operable solution with Azure diagnostics.
Wineshipping Client Portal

Wineshipping Client Portal

High-level estimation of the project’s budget

Sombra’s pre-sales team carefully worked out the project’s budget details, including:

  • The speed at which we can assemble a dedicated development team.
  • How the dedicated development team should look at the beginning of our collaboration with the client.
  • The team’s peak-of-capabilities perspective.
  • Costs at each stage of the development process.

We provided the client with a projection for the year ahead.

Engagement model

We proposed to the client an engagement model — a dedicated development team. This model involves Sombra and the client sharing responsibilities as follows:

  • Establishes and manages priorities.
  • Defines and drives milestones for the project.
  • Increases or decreases the project scope during our cooperation.


  • Manages the development team to achieve defined goals.
  • Keeps Wineshipping informed about team progress.

Project management

The dedicated development team of Sombra operates in a location that has a ten-hour time difference with Wineshipping’s base in California, USA. In order to take advantage of the time zone difference, we implemented strong project management.

The client has received an efficient development process, as our project manager follows the Sombra guidelines for communication.

“Our working day across timezones essentially never ends,” shared Pawel Smolarkiewicz, Chief Experience & Innovation Officer at Wineshipping.

The technical challenges we have overcome during the development process of the “Awesome client portal”

We have developed a new customer support portal — “Awesome client portal,” which is:

  • Performance-efficient to handle 500 concurrent user requests per second.
  • User experience is smooth and responsive with a maximum page load time of 3 seconds.
  • Generate sales and inventory reports within 10 seconds to provide timely and up-to-date information.
  • User-friendly interface with logical workflows, clear navigation, and consistent layout, minimizing the learning curve and enabling users to complete tasks efficiently.
  • Able to handle a minimum of 1,000 concurrent users without significant performance degradation and data conflicts.
  • Database architecture and configuration can handle the increasing volume of orders, supporting at least 10 million orders without performance issues.
  • Available and accessible to users for at least 99.9% of the time.

At Sombra, we are the most proud of:

  • Developing the architecture, designing the interface, conceptualizing and deploying the platform, analyzing and fixing the scope of work.
  • Building the dedicated development team, establishing a team management process, communicating with key stakeholders, and working according to timeframes.

Business Value

The new client portal for Wineshipping was released before October 2022 to manage orders during peak season and has since been improved.

By undergoing a digital transformation, Wineshipping enhanced order accuracy, minimized errors, and shifted customer service towards providing value-added services instead of simply handling customer complaints. 

  • Service level agreement increased from 70% to 99,9%
  • 50 times faster error correction per batch of orders
  • 99,5% of on-time shipping
  • 99,48% of inventory accuracy
  • 90% of the first response rate within four hours

What did the client value the most?

Pawel Smolarkiewicz recalls what made him choose Sombra in 2021. The software development company met his key expectations: 

  • Balance expertise and experience with software development technical skills. 
  • Discipline around software development. 
  • Creative and adaptable to help Wineshipping build a software company inside an established 3PL organization. 
  • Cultural fit. “The team is incredibly committed and really feels like an extension of Wineshipping even though they are remote,” shared our client. 

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Chris Garbacz

Co-founder, StudioNinja

The solution launched to user praise and minimal bugs. Sombra has adapted to technical challenges and limited resources throughout the partnership. Consistent communication, flexibility, and a willingness to incorporate feedback have enabled a seamlessly integrated workflow. Our relationship has run smoothly since the beginning.

Martin Weber

CTO, Fooring Company

This is the best offshoring experience I’ve had in my 25 years of doing this. Sombra is very productive. We’re cranking things out with very little rework needed. We have speed and quality, which is important because the system is live, so if we make a change, it has an immediate effect on our customer base.

Sloan Ginn

Former Director of Product

Sombra successfully delivered a smooth-functioning product in the time that the client needed. Their developers were competent and receptive to feedback; the team lead, in particular, proved to have great expertise. They were accommodating of large and abrupt changes, making them a reliable partner.

Jack Crews

CTO, Legal Monkeys

Sombra keeps everything simple and prioritizes getting the work done. One thing that I was pleased with was that Sombra was able to adapt to and learn our approach to software development. They adopted our best practices and were productive within that development methodology. Overall, the quality of their work is above average.