E-Commerce System for Distribution Business

E-commerce system for a distribution business that manages products and orders across multiple marketplaces. ZappySales is a platform that optimizes the process of selling high SKU catalogs via various marketplace channels.



E-Commerce System for Distribution Business

Business Value

Our team managed to deliver a complex solution for e-commerce workflow automation. The e-commerce system structure consists of three modules:

  • The module that handles flow between the marketplace and bulk sellers;
  • Vendor dashboard and product manager dashboard.

The workflow module orchestrates orders. There are two flows of functions, first of all, the system receives orders from different marketplace and process them (filter, calculates profit, and selects vendor with the most favorable price) and send the submitted order to the seller. When the seller formed an order and sends it to the buyer, the system receives an invoice that further goes to the buyer’s account on the marketplace.

The second flow is responsible for updating the system. Bulk vendors send updated prices and inventory, which the system later updates on the marketplace.

The vendor dashboard allows managers to manage orders manually and verify suspicious ones.

The product manager dashboard is an interface where managers can change or add photos, descriptions of the product, and prices.

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