Human Resources Information System for Software Development Company

As SombraSpace is Human Resources Information System, the main goal was to create a user-friendly and simple platform, oriented to our needs. We developed different modules for every department, therefore they should incorporate specific functionality according to professional queries. The system should contain crucial elements for our work as employee information, HR planning, financial statements, operational activity, personal calendar, and a database of developers’ skills.

Human Resources Information System for Software Development Company

Business Value


Sales module: Module where are accommodated skills of all developers. In case the sales department has to find a developer for the project after characteristics are set, the system will propose the most suitable developers for the job)

HR module: This module is created for HR staff, it enables setting “one-to-one meetings” with workers and performance reviews

Database: The module contains all the necessary information about each employee of the company

Projects: The module includes all projects the company is dealing with. Workers log time spent on the project. It enables one to keep track of ongoing projects and plan time

Reports: A summary of the employee’s working hours, vacations, and sick leaves

People management: The module contains information about the terms of the project and developers’ availability

The top three features are:

  • Employee Tracker. Can track schedules and sick days/paid time offs/vacation days taken
  • Employee Database. Can find general information about employees.
  • Issues tracker. Track issues concerning the working process and deliver the information to the system admins

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