The discovery phase for a startup that connects photographers

The client came to us with the idea of a service that can connect Photographers and Videographers. The main idea was to build a startup helping to find additional crew for shooting. For example, a Photographer looks for a second Photographer or assistant for a big wedding photoshoot.  He/she can post a job offer on the platform and other Photographers may take this job. 







Discovery phase

The discovery phase for a startup that connects photographers

Business Challenges


Our client was working in the photography industry and detected a problem of finding skilled photographers for assistance. The client came to us thanks to our previous experience in the photography industry.

Business Value

Based on our research we discovered that the main problem of finding assistance for the photoshoot was the low qualification of the candidates applying for the job via a Facebook group. To overcome this issue we decided to have a verification process before registration to ensure the user has sufficient qualifications and up-to-date portfolio in order to apply for jobs. professional businesses with a valid company number are allowed to join after a thorough quality verification process.

After one month of the discovery phase, we started full-fledge development which took us 7 months to complete. We created a web application aimed to assist in building a trusted crew. One year after the launch client managed to have +1500 paid subscriptions and over $100 000 worth of jobs posted.

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