Staff Augmentation Service

Sombra IT staff augmentation service helps companies gain lacking team members and tech expertise by taking over recruiting, onboarding, and retention strategies.

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Business Challenges We Address


Scaling of a software development team


Trouble meeting tight project deadlines


Lack of a particular in-house expertise


Staff inability to meet internal quality standards.


Rapid remote workforce scale in high-demand marketplace


Cooperation with a new vendor with minimal risks

IT Staff Augmentation Workflow


Staffing need evaluation

After your staff request, we set up a discovery call to specify your project’s needs, goals, tech stack, and other requirements.


Available specialists assessment

We check the internal pool for available resources possessing the required expertise.


Qualification assessment

From the selected candidates, we choose those with qualifications satisfying your project needs and send you all the relevant CVs.


External recruitment

If there is no match in the internal pool, we open a vacancy or use our recruiters' network to find the best candidate.


Final qualification stage

You can interview all the relevant candidates. It is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and check their qualifications and communication skills.


HR support

Sombra organizes the work of the remote workers integrated into your team, covering HR and accounting-related inquiries.

What Specialists Can You Get?

We supply qualified professionals at competitive rates. You can extend your team with top-skilled professionals.

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How Much Time Will It Take to Scale Your Team?

Sombra has an internal pool of engineers suggested to clients upon request. It takes one to two months to recruit a technical expert, depending on the skills and the level of seniority. It takes us up to 2 weeks to close the need with available internal resources.

1-2 weeks

Goal: close the need with available internal resources

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1-2 months

Goal: recruit a technical expert

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Benefits of Sombra Staff Augmentation Service


Cultural fit

Sombra ensures our software engineers align with the characteristics and values of your company.


Effective communication

We value effective communication. Therefore, our employees constantly improve their communication and English proficiency skills.


Time-saving processes

Our staff augmentation service allows you to stop wasting time on recruiting and change the number of people you work with within days.


Adaptivity & flexibility

Sombra engineers quickly adapt to your working process, the best practices, and the development methodology.


High scalability

Our internal pool of skilled engineers allows you to scale your team within days to meet your business needs.


Convenient time zone

We work during your business hours and ensure timely communication within the projects.

What Our Clients Think

Chris Garbacz

Co-founder, StudioNinja


Jack Crews

CTO, Legal Monkeys


Martin Weber

CTO, Fooring Company


Sloan Ginn

Former Director of Product


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