Healthcare Software Development Services

Sombra healthcare IT services are designed to assist you in enhancing healthcare delivery, patient engagement, and overall business performance by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.

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Business Challenges We Address


Inefficiency of system microservices


Low IT security standards


Cross-platform access


Large data volume processing


Poor software speed


Low patient engagement

Benefits of Healthcare Software Development


High-security standards

Sombra sticks to all the necessary data security protocols, such as PCI, ISO 27001, and provides secure access controls, data encryption, data backup, and recovery.


Effortless team scaling

Utilize Sombra's knowledge and proficiency to efficiently expand your internal team and promote business growth


Reliable partner

Our dedication lies in establishing dependable and trustworthy business partnerships with our clients, whether they are startups or well-established healthcare enterprises.


Custom, cross-platform service

Sombra assists you in developing a specific healthcare IT service that fits your business exclusively and addresses current challenges.


Cost optimization

Reduce costs associated with manual processes, reduce errors, save time on data processing, and improve accuracy, resulting in cost savings.


Better patient engagement

Allow your patients to take an active role in their healthcare by providing access to their medical records, scheduling appointments online, and facilitating communication with their healthcare provider.

Sombra Healthcare IT Services


Healthcare web and mobile development

Build custom cross-platform software, such as a critical messaging system (CMS), enhanced with the latest security technologies and compliance regulations in mind. We understand the exceptional importance of accessibility and IT security in healthcare.

Healthcare security service

Ensure the safety of your patient’s sensitive medical data. Trust our team to review your IT infrastructure and develop software that complies with GDPR, HIPAA, or other confidentiality regulations your healthcare business requires.

Modernization and maintenance

Improve patient engagement and outcomes by aligning your infrastructure and systems with the latest technologies. Sombra can help you modernize your legacy systems through architecture transformation, UX revision, or code refactoring.

Healthcare cloud services

Develop a secure, scalable, and flexible cloud infrastructure, compliant with necessary regulations. Our team knows how to migrate your older healthcare software applications to the cloud, to get rid of outdated systems with minimal disruptions to your current operations.

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