Telecom Software Development Services

Prioritize custom telecom IT services and enhance your business efficiency.
Our IT services for the telecom industry will address your business challenges exclusively.

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Business Challenges We Address


Bad customer


Long time-to-market


Lengthy business


Migration to new telecom standards, like 5G


Bloated budget


Weak information

Benefits of Telecom Software Development


Budget optimization

We help you streamline manual processes, minimize errors, and enhance operational efficiency, significantly reducing costs.


Improved customer experience

Sombra possesses extensive expertise in user market research, UI/UX design, front-end, etc. We can help you create a smooth customer journey and strengthen the bond between your customers and the company in the telecom sector.


Increased revenue

Telecom IT services can improve customer experience which can potentially lead to increased resed revenue. As a result, higher profits can help a telecom company grow and launch new products and services.


Increased competitiveness

Sombra custom IT telecom services focus on addressing your business needs, including developing new or improving old features to help you stand out on the market.


Dependable partner

At Sombra, we prioritize establishing dependable and trustworthy business relationships with our partners within the telecom industry.


Risk mitigation

Our team has already implemented best practices in risk management and utilized the necessary IT security protocols. When collaborating with our telecom partners, we take measures to prevent data breaches and system failures.

Sombra Telecom IT Services


Telecommunications web and mobile software development

Improve your technology capabilities with Sombra. Our team can create, build, and deploy an application that enables you to offer end-users a variety of services such as voice, data, and messaging services, self-service features, and account management capabilities.

Cloud and platform adoption service

Migrate your operations to cloud-based platforms. Our team specializes in the selection of appropriate cloud platforms as well as the migration of data and applications to the cloud, helping you to improve data management, security, flexibility, etc.

Telecom legacy software modernization service

Update your outdated and unsupported software systems. The Sombra team carries extensive expertise in legacy software modernization with modern and efficient technologies. This includes system assessment, data mapping and transfer, application modernization, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Telecom software maintenance and support service

Ensure the efficient functioning of your telecom software systems. Our team will professionally address the challenges of bug fixing, software updates, security checks, and technical support. We can help you maintain optimal performance, reduce downtime, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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